MDC fears current anti-govt protests could result in martial law

A number of organisations have mobilised citizens to voice their concerns over ‘government corruption’.

FILE: Zimbabwe riot police deploys in Harare on 4 July, 2016 during clashes with public transport drivers. Picture: AFP.

CAPE TOWN - The Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) fears current demonstrations against the Zimbabwean government could result in martial law.

A number of Zimbabwean civil society organisations, including This Flag movement, have mobilised citizens to voice their concerns about what they call rampant government corruption.

The shutdown comes days after violent protests over the government's decision to limit the import of South African goods.

At the same time, civil servants are also taking to the streets apparently over unpaid wages.

MDC founding member David Coltart says the government's push back could be dangerous.

"One of the real dangers is that we could still have martial law. The military could still respond to this by clamping down viciously and in that way creating a Libyan or Egyptian-type scenario."

This Flag's Ivan Mawarire says Zimbabweans have had enough of being mistreated.

"Our problem is that the government has not learnt how to respond to the citizens. They've always responded with a heavy hand, arrests, banning, threats and intimidation."