Alleged cop killer shouldn't get bail, says investigating officer

The investigating officer believes Mlangabezi Mqulo will interfere with witnesses if released on bail.

 Picture: Christa Eybers/EWN.

CAPE TOWN - The investigating officer in the murder of a senior detective believes the accused will interfere with witnesses if released on bail.

Mlangabezi Mqulo is now the only person charged with the murder of detective Lindekile Sikade in Philippi East in April.

Yesterday, charges were dropped against a second accused due to a lack of evidence.

Initially, three men were arrested for the murder.

Investigating officer, Alfren Barker, said that an eyewitness claimed to have seen the accused fire the fatal shots.

Barker has also testified that there may have been attempts to track down witnesses prior to the accused's arrest.

He also believes Mqulo would evade trial as he has no assets or a fixed address.

The investigating officer added that the investigation is still not complete, as they're waiting for the fingerprint report and other documents.

The case continues tomorrow.