57 arrested during violent protests in Zimbabwe

The protests came ahead of a call for a strike today by doctors and teachers.

Protesters hurl stones in Harare on 4 July, 2016 during clashes with Zimbabwe's riot police. Picture; AFP.

HARARE - It's been reported that 57 people have been arrested in the wake of violent demonstrations in Harare.

The protests came ahead of a call for a strike today by doctors and teachers at government hospitals and schools.

Zimbabwe's Republic Police has put out a tough warning to anyone considering more protests, saying they will be severely dealt with.

The state broadcaster says 57 people were arrested after clashes in the east of Harare yesterday.

Video clips circulating on social media show police hitting some suspected protesters with their truncheons.

A strike by doctors and public service teachers was called for today and there are growing calls for a mass stay away tomorrow.

Meanwhile, Zimbabwean officials continue to monitor the situation at the Beitbridge border post and in Harare following protest action by citizens who've raised concerns about trading.

On Friday, demonstrators blocked roads around the border post venting their frustration with Zimbabwe's restrictions on goods being imported into the country.

About 71 people were arrested in connection with those violent demonstrations.

Analyst Alex Magaisa says people are angry at how the government is running its affairs and there hasn't been political protests for some time in the country.

"The most important thing about this is that they're not being led by any political party but are being led by citizens. These are citizens who are saying' enough is enough'.

"They are facing serious trouble. The opposition has had a few problem in the last few years the ruling party is failing to govern and essentially people are saying enough is enough."