Mandela family calls for the immediate removal of DA election ad

In its advert, the opposition uses excerpts of Nelson Mandela’s recordings, calling for peace and justice.

FILE: Family members at Nelson Mandela's 94th birthday at his home in Qunu, Eastern Cape, South Africa. Picture: Peter Morey.

JOHANNESBURG - Members of the Mandela family have accused the Democratic Alliance (DA) of abusing the late statesman's name and are demanding that the party "immediately" withdraw its online election advert featuring Madiba's voice.

In its advert, which has been posted on YouTube, the opposition uses excerpts of Nelson Mandela's recordings, calling for peace and justice.

The Mandela family has released a statement, saying the DA is violating the electoral code and wants the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) to take action.

WATCH: DA election advertisement

In a statement released, under the banner of The Royal House of Mandela, the family says Mandela's legacy can never be associated with the "betrayal of the struggle".

It says the use of Madiba's voice is an attempt to lend credibility to a party which has made the preservation of white privilege its reason to exist.

The family further says the association of Mandela's name with the DA is an "insult" and "affront to his history, his party of choice, his legacy and the values for which he stood".

The DA's spokesperson Phumzile van Damme says they can't comment at this stage.