ANC's Newcastle councillor candidate killed

Newcastle councillor Thembi Mbongwa’s was shot in full view of her children and husband last night.

Gun generic. Picture:

JOHANNESBURG - A KwaZulu-Natal African National Congress (ANC) councillor has been killed.

Newcastle councillor Thembi Mbongwa's was shot in full view of her children and husband last night.

It's understood two men entered her house last night and shot her dead.

The motive of the hit is not yet known but party leaders in the province suspect it might be politically motivated.

The ANC's provincial spokesperson Mdumiseni Ntuli says a party delegation is en route to Newcastle to visit the family.

"It's very difficult to establish the motive at the moment because we're not aware of any people who were following her or who were not in good terms with her.

"Either within the organisation or society in general. We're also heading to her family now, probably after meeting the family we might be able to explain."

Ntuli says no one has been arrested in connection with the crime.

While it's too early to determine the motive of the murder, Ntuli says he's concerned about the high level of political killings in this province.

"Yes of course we too are very concerned about the senseless killings of our comrades and we see it as a somehow an effort to instill fear from our own ANC volunteers and derail our victory.

KwaZulu-Natal has recorded the highest number of political murders in the last five years.