Sodwana racist ‘will simply refuse’ to appear in court

Guest house owner Andre Slade says his decisions are not guided by the Constitution.

Andre Slade, Sodwana Bay Guest House owner. Picture: Clement Manyathela/EWN.

JOHANNESBURG - Controversial Sodwana Bay Guest House owner Andre Slade says his decisions are not guided by the Constitution and he'll simply refuse to appear in court if summonsed.

Yesterday, KwaZulu-Natal Tourism MEC Sihle Zikalala opened a case of hate speech, illegal operation and tax evasion after Slade said his lodge doesn't accommodate black people or government officials.

The KwaZulu-Natal government says it has suspended Slade's licence to operate.

#SodwanaBay WATCH Andre Slade tell me He is my king because I am black. CM

#SodwanaBay WATCH Andre Slade's partner Katherine say local chiefs can't tell them what to do with their land.CM

But Slade says this won't happen.

"There is nobody who can move us now because we don't belong to any system."

His partner Katarina says she stands by her man, and also believes black people were created to be servants.

"Blacks are servants and God made it like that. He's so smart he can fix your cellphone, he can do anything (sic)."

#SodwanaBay WATCH Katherine tells me white people are smart & can be engineers & fix things, blacks can't. CM

African National Congress (ANC) supporters marched and chanted songs criticising Slade outside the lodge yesterday.


At the same time, business owners and community members in Sodwana Bay are calling on law enforcement authorities to deal harshly with Slade.

Zikalala says he's agreed with local chiefs that Slade must be evicted from this area.

"Wherever he goes, the best place he can go to is jail. He can be rehabilitated there."

Local businessman Waldo Van Schalkwyk says he's disappointed by Slade's views of black people.

"It's sad. Tourism is not about racism, colour, creed or whatever you believe in. It's about the destination."

Local chiefs have also agreed with government that he must be evicted from the Ingonyama land.

Tourism authorities say Slade leased the land under the pretence of training and empowering locals.