SJC take on City of Cape Town over sanitation in poor areas

The city has been accused of neglecting the sanitation needs of poor residents.

FILE: Communal toilets in Kosovo, Cape Town. Picture: Siyabonga Sesant/EWN.

CAPE TOWN - The Social Justice Coalition (SJC) is to take legal action against the City of Cape Town over inadequate sanitation services in poor areas.

The non-government organisation (NGO) claims the municipality is neglecting the sanitation needs of poor residents.

The SJC says thousands of people living in Cape Town's numerous informal settlements suffer due to a lack of clean, safe, hygienic and dignified sanitation facilities.

The group says using a communal toilet in an informal settlement can be dangerous.

It explains people are frequently robbed, assaulted, raped and even murdered while trying to relieve themselves in bushes or at shared facilities, many of which are located far from their homes.

The coalition has slammed the city's temporary sanitation solutions, claiming they are not based on a sensible plan.

It's listed a number of demands, including a reasonable budget for the provision of sanitation services.