'Black people were created to be servants'

Andre Slade says he’s not fazed by charges of illegal operation, hate speech & tax evasion laid against him.

Andre Slade (left) Sodwana Bay Guest House owner. Picture: Clement Manyathela/EWN.

JOHANNESBURG - Despite action taken by the KwaZulu-Natal tourism MEC, controversial Sodwana Bay Guest House owner Andre Slade says he is not fazed and has reiterated his belief that black people were created to be servants.

Earlier, Sihle Zikalala laid charges against Slade, including illegal operation, hate speech and tax evasion.

Slade sparked public outcry when he said his establishment didn't take bookings from black people and government officials.

Hundreds of African National Congress (ANC) supporters marched outside the guest house earlier, chanting songs and waving placards criticising Slade.

But as they went about their demonstration, Slade and his partner Katherine stood behind the locked gate, seemingly unfazed.

#SodwanaBay WATCH Slade tells me he agrees with apartheid laws. CM pic.twitter.com/BUlT5W6pob

#SodwanaBay WATCH I ask Andre Slade why is he not leaving the country. He tells me "I am the king of earth" CM pic.twitter.com/c8kdWcfpx7

When approached for comment, he again spoke of his belief that black people were created to be servants.

"We are not racist, that is something that doesn't exist. The Bible tells us that there's segregation and we're just sticking with what the Bible is telling us."

#SodwanaBay WATCH Andre Slade's partner Katherine say local chiefs can't tell them what to do with their land.CM pic.twitter.com/OFSHoECF4m

Zikalala says Slade's license will be suspended and he will be evicted from the Ingonyama land.