Northern Cape solar project uplifts local community

The Jasper & Lesidi solar energy plants have spent an estimated R24m on community upliftment.

The Jasper and Lesidi solar energy plants in the Northern Cape. Picture: Xolani Koyana/EWN.

GROENWATER - A clean energy initiative is expected to leave a legacy of development for Northern Cape communities over the 20 year-span of the project.

The Jasper and Lesidi solar energy plants have apparently spent an estimated R24 million on community upliftment since being in operation near Postmasburg two years ago.

Their contribution includes the installation of 55 solar panels for homes, previously without electricity, and the construction of classrooms at Refetse Primary School.

Teacher Veronica Seleka says it has been great help to the small community.

"We are sowing projects for our community here. They've brought several items to help us here."

Businesswoman Juliet Basie is contracted to maintain the solar panels at the Jasper plant.

"They recently bought me some equipment to extend my business. There are great possibilities coming so I am positive for working with them on Jasper."