#PayBackTheMoney: What can R7.8 million buy you?

EWN looks at what President Zuma could've bought with the money Treasury's ordered him to pay back.

The upgraded Nkandla homestead in KZN, which allegedly cost more than R200 million to upgrade. Picture: City Press.

JOHANNESBURG - R7,814,105. That's a lot of money. By anyone's standards.

It's also the amount National Treasury believes President Jacob Zuma should pay back to the State for the upgrades to his Nkandla home.

Most people have never seen R7,814,105 - either in cash or in their bank accounts.

BankServAfrica reports that the average take-home salary in May was R13,142 - meaning it would take the average South African worker 595 months (or just under 49 and a half years) to earn that amount, without increases factored in.

So you may be wondering what type of home R7.8 million would buy you.

Well, a basic search on property website www.property24.com shows that you could bag a four bedroom "English classic in leafy Forest Town", with "manicured terraced gardens" and fountains. But then again, the President already has something similar in the area.

If the coast is more your thing, you could buy a two-bedroom apartment in upmarket Bantry Bay or a four-bedroom house in Constantia in Cape Town.

And to think you could have any of these properties without the headaches caused by a tenacious Public Protector and unrelenting opposition political parties.

What would you do with R7,8 million? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.