‘Is Muthambi ignorant or deliberately misleading people?’

The SACP has hit out at the Communication Minister's comments regarding television technology.

FILE: Communications Minister Faith Muthambi. Picture: GCIS.

JOHANNESBURG - The South African Communist Party (SACP) says Communications Minister Faith Muthambi is either scandalously ignorant of how television technology works or is trying to deliberately mislead the public by claiming that encrypted digital terrestrial television (DTT) is only a pay-TV technology.

Yesterday, Muthambi released a statement attacking SACP leader Blade Nzimande after he said Muthambi had defied the African National Congress' (ANC) policy that said South Africa must implement an encrypted system.

Last month, the Supreme Court of Appeal found Muthambi was wrong to implement a policy of un-encrypted digital TV.

The SACP's Alex Mashilo says Muthambi is not telling the truth.

"Muthambi is misleading the public and her statement was completely unfortunate. What she says in her statement is that encryption is a pay-TV technology. Why doesn't she tell the public that the SABC is using encryption."

But acting communications director general Norman Munzhelele says the level of encryption being discussed should be paid for by pay-TV operators.

Last year, the ANC's communications commission said it wanted government to implement an encrypted system and that it did not want dummy boxes.