Former SABC CEO Solly Mokoetle found in state hospital

Mokoetle was reported missing on Friday after he was last seen at his house in Umhlanga, Durban.

Solly Mokoetle has been found in the Mahatma Gandhi Memorial hospital in Durban. Picture: Navin Sewchunder.

JOHANNESBURG - Former South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) CEO Solly Mokoetle has been found in a state hospital in KwaZulu-Natal.

He was reported missing on Friday after he was last seen at his house in Umhlanga, Durban.

Mokoetle's wife Zola Mthuli says it appears he left their home at 22:30pm after returning from a family outing earlier that evening.

She says she was made aware that her husband had left the house by her teenage son, who wanted to lock up before going to bed.

Mthuli says she tried to call him on his cellphone when she discovered that he had left all of his belongings, including the phone, behind.

Upon enquiring, the security guards at the residential estate at which they stay, told her that Mokoetle had left through the main gate. She then assumed he had gone for a walk along the beach.

"I thought if he had walked out, he must be at the beach, so I started looking at around the beach and he was nowhere to be found. That's when I started to take this matter seriously."

LISTEN: Solly Mokoetle missing since Friday

It's understood that Mokoetle suffered a stroke.

The family say he has not been able to speak and has a scar on his face.

"The details are really sketchy because this is where I've been coming to every day, except yesterday, to check, but because he couldn't speak I think he had one of those minor strokes. He didn't know who he was," says his wife.

Mthuli says her husband was admitted to hospital only on Sunday - two days after he went missing.

"This morning, the same guy who brought him here called the police, after seeing him on television. The police were already on it, and that's how we got him."