ANC, EFF standoff in Tembisa squashed by police

The EFF claims two of its members were killed in the Sethokga hostel, which is believed to be ANC stronghold.

EFF leader Julius Malema at the Sethokga hostel, Tembisa where the party claims two of its members were killed in political rivalry. Picture: Twitter: @EFFSouthAfrica

JOHANNESBURG - Police have managed to quell a standoff between E conomic Freedom Fighters (EFF) and African National Congress(ANC) members this afternoon, amid allegations by the red berets that the ruling party is behind the killings of two of its members at the Sethokga hostel.

It's understood a group of men carrying sjamboks and knobkerries, attacked EFF leader Julius Malema and his supporters, as well as a journalist.

Police vehicles were seen driving around the Sethokga hostel, where there was no sign of any tension.

It's understood the two members of the EFF were killed earlier this year during election campaigning.

But Malema and his party members were barred from entering the hostel, which is believed to be an ANC stronghold, today.

The Ekurhuleni Metro Police Department's (EMPD) Wilfred Kgasago said, "Apparently the incident happened last month. Sethokga hostel inmates a confrontation nearly happened, but the EMPD and South African Police Service quelled the situation."

Residents say Malema and his supporters have promised them that they will be back, but ANC supporters say they will be ready for them.

Kgasago says police are on standby.

"Everything is back to normal and everybody is dispersing but we are monitoring the situation closely."

He says the EFF leadership has demanded that arrests be made, and the people who they claim killed its members be brought to book.