‘Violence is another sign of a change of ANC culture’

Joel Netshitenze says the ANC could die a humiliating death if it doesn’t change its current culture.

Picture: Christa Eybers/EWN.

JOHANNESBURG - African National Congress (ANC) national executive committee (NEC) member, and former head of policy at the presidency, Joel Netshitenzhe says this violence is another sign of a change of culture in the ANC.

But he also says he believes the party can self-correct.

In his contribution to the book, The Thabo Mbeki I Know, Netshitenze says the party could die a humiliating death if it doesn't change a culture that's taken hold since 2009.

But he says the party could heal itself.

"Conduct of this nature, overtime, is going to result in fewer and fewer votes for the ANC; fewer and fewer cadres of the ANC will be able move into governmental positions and that should impel such cadres to seek such self-correction."

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Last week, the South African Communists Party (SACP) leader Blade Nzimande said if the ANC doesn't change the way it manages its leadership elections, it ran the risk of imploding altogether.

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