‘80% of JHB power outages were due to illegal connections’

City Power says cable theft is another major issue contributing to power outages.

FILE: A lamp post used as a bridge for illegal electricity connections. Picture: Thomas Holder/EWN.

JOHANNESBURG - City Power says over 80 percent of the power outages in and around Johannesburg over the past week were the result of illegal connections overloading the network.

The power utility also says cable theft is another major issue, with three incidents in Weltervreden Park alone.

LISTEN: Illegal connections overload City Power network.

Last week, large parts of the city were left without electricity for hours, with residents in Soweto taking their frustrations to the streets.

City Power's Yumna Sheikh said, "Over 80 percent of outages we've experienced over the last week have been a result of a network overload which was caused by illegal connections through either bypassed metres from main houses or people connecting illegally to our network."