Authorities promise tough action against any form of racism

The SA Human Rights has also launched an investigation and will be in contact with those involved.

This screengrab via an eNCA video shows the woman who called Johannesburg police officers the k-word.

JOHANNESBURG - While a woman who called police officers the k-word is under investigation for crimen injuria charges, authorities say they will not hesitate to act against racists.

A video has gone viral of Vicky Momberg, who was the victim of a smash-and-grab, trying to report the matter over the phone but claims she's receiving bad service.

Momberg is also captured in the cellphone footage threatening to drive over black people.

National police spokesperson Mashadi Selepe says it is sad that the country is still faced with these level of racist attacks.

"We're going towards making sure that there's peace and stability in our country. if there are matters that are bothering us, we should not go to that level, we should be emotionally intelligent enough to be able to deal with these issues and situations."

Police say they acted swiftly immediately after the case was reported by Douglasdale police officers, who were at the receiving end of the attack in February.

The South African Human Rights Commission (SAHRC) has also launched an investigation and will be in contact with those involved.

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The SAHRC said it is outraged by footage of yet another racist incident. The commission is now also investigating the matter.

The commission's Isaac Mangena said racial anger is only spreading on social media, instead of being reported to the right authorities.

He said no one has reported this latest racist video to the commission, while clips of it went viral on social media.

"Our concern is that it seems like people are abusing it instead of using it constructively as a tool that can actually help deal with debates on issues that are of common good for the country."

Mangena said despite this, social media is also helping to create more awareness among South Africans about racism.

Penny Sparrow was recently ordered to pay R150,000 to the Oliver and Adelaide Tambo Foundation for her racist comments on Facebook in which she called black people monkeys.