Zuma warns against drug and alcohol abuse

The president warned young people against abusing alcohol, which affects their ability to do well at school.

President Jacob Zuma hugs Colin Chauke, a man from Orange Farm, after having given him money during Youth Day celebrations at Orlando stadium in Soweto on 16 June 2016. Picture: Reinart Toerien/EWN.

JOHANNESBURG - President Jacob Zuma has called on South Africans to help rid the country of social ills affecting the youth including drug and alcohol abuse.

He told thousands of people at government's official Youth Day event in Soweto that the state supported an anti-alcohol abuse campaign by the Congress of South African Students (Cosas).

Cosas urged school-goers not to celebrate Youth Day by getting drunk and threatened to strip naked anyone wearing school uniform and drinking alcohol.

The student movement said instead of getting drunk, the youth of 1976 focused on addressing the country's injustices and should therefore be remembered properly.

Zuma warned young South Africans against abusing alcohol, which he said affected their ability to do well at school.

"Some children dodge school and are seen drinking at taverns in school uniform."

He said tavern owners who preyed on school children must also be dealt with.

"Outlets who operate near schools are clearly targeting children such licenses must be reviewed."