Maimane: Bantu education still alive in SA

The DA leader says the country's young people are still subjected to poor education.

FILE: DA leader Mmusi Maimane. Picture: Christa Eybers/EWN.

JOHANNESBURG - Democratic Alliance (DA) leader Mmusi Maimane says the bantu education that the youth of 1976 fought against is still alive in South Africa.

Maimane was speaking in Soweto earlier today where scores of DA members marched to mark the 40th anniversary of the 1976 uprising.

The DA leader said it was sad that the country was commemorating this day while young people were still subjected to poor education.

"Bantu education makes all the laws of apartheid look like child's play because still today we have removed pass laws and group areas laws, but we still have the laws of apartheid."

Meanwhile, South African Democratic Teachers' Union (Sadtu) says while the education system is now more inclusive of black people, there are still many challenges that need to be overcome.

The union highlighted overcrowded classrooms and a lack of study materials as some of the issues it believes should be dealt with.

It also praises the youth of 1976 for rising up against the bantu education system, calling them "gallant fighters" against an oppressive system.

Sadtu's Nkosana Dolopi said, "Even though the issue of language was key in what they were demanding, they went beyond what they were asking for."