‘Pistorius often lost his temper’

The State has called Charlotte Mashabane who oversaw the former athlete's health needs

Oscar Pistorius at the Pretoria High Court on 13 June 2016. Picture: Pool

PRETORIA - A Correctional Services health official has testified that Oscar Pistorius lost his temper in prison, by shouting at staff and accusing them of being incompetent.

The State has called Charlotte Mashabane who oversaw the former athlete's health needs.

Mashabane, a qualified nurse, works at the Kgosi Mampuru Prison. She has described Pistorius as an inmate who often lost his temper.

She says he had tantrums and shouted at her and other nurses, especially when she was trying to explain that he couldn't have medication brought into the prison without a prescription.

Mashabane says he once banged a book on the table at which she was sitting.

"He talks about the doctor and about us being so useless and not knowledgeable. He said many things adding to the doctor's degrading."

He says after several incidents she was told not to interact with Pistorius anymore.


Earlier, Reeva Steenkamp's father, Barry Steenkamp, told the court her murder has devastated his family and he wouldn't wish the pain caused by the ordeal on anyone.

He has testified on day two of sentencing proceedings.

"You know, people say it takes you two or three years and you start feeling better about the whole thing, but every day of my life is the same."

Pistorius is being re-sentenced after the Supreme Court of Appeal found him guilty of murder and not culpable homicide.

He shot and killed his model Steenkamp at his home on Valentine's Day in 2013.

Barry says he's still battling to come to terms with the crime.

"I don't wish that on any human being, finding out what happened. It devastated us and I ended up having a stroke."