Steenkamp ‘disgusted’ Pistorius’s lawyers publicised monthly payments

Barry Steenkamp says he was assured the matter of Oscar Pistorius paying them would be kept confidential.

Barry Steenkamp in the North Gauteng High Court on 14 June 2016. Picture: Pool.

PRETORIA - Barry Steenkamp says he's disgusted with Oscar Pistorius's legal team for revealing that the former athlete was paying them monthly.

Steenkamp was called as the State's first witness in aggravation of sentence in Pistorius's murder trial.

He gave an emotional account of how the murder of his daughter, Reeva, has affected his family.

Steenkamp says Pistorius's legal team discussed the matter of payment with his lawyers so that an amount of about R6,000 would be paid into their account every month by the former athlete.

Steenkamp says he was bankrupt and about to be evicted from his home.

He was assured that the matter would be kept confidential but was shocked when Advocate Barry Roux mentioned it in court.

Steenkamp says he suffered a stroke after his daughter's murder and tried to hurt himself to feel the pain she must have felt in her dying moments.

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The High Court in Pretoria has also heard that the medication found in Pistorius' prison cell was the result of him trying to wean himself off his pills.

This was among the submissions his defence team made during the cross examination of a senior prison nurse who described the former athlete as violent.

Sister Charlotte Mashabane testified that a large quantity of prescribed medication was found in Pistorius' cell, which was against regulations.

Roux says it was his client's medicine.

"Incorrectly so, he decided he was going to wean himself off, he's going to use only half because he felt drowsy and he stashed some of it. He did not use all of it his medication."

Mashabane disputed this saying that the pills were found in their original packaging and were not dispensed.

The case resumes tomorrow.

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