'Pistorius's mental condition has worsened since his murder trial'

Clinical psychologist Jonathan Scholtz doesn't believe Pistorius can testify, due to his state of mind.

Oscar Pistorius in the North Gauteng High Court on 13 June 2016. Picture: Pool.

PRETORIA - A clinical psychologist has testified that Oscar Pistorius's mental condition has worsened since his murder trial in 2014.

Doctor Jonathan Scholtz, who assessed Pistorius two years ago, has done a further assessment this year, to determine his state of mind.

Pistorius will be sentenced again after the Supreme Court of Appeal (SCA) found him guilty of murder and not culpable homicide, as Judge Thokozile Masipa had previously found.

Scholtz says he had several consultations with Pistorius in the past month, as well as with members of his family, and his correctional services officer.

The clinical psychologist says that Pistorius is an ill man and believes he should be hospitalised.

In his initial assessment in 2014, Scholtz referred to two Oscars; a 'larger than life super Olympian' and a 'vulnerable insecure man without his prosthesis'.

Today, Scholtz says he's seen an entirely different man.

#OscarPistorius Scholtz: further incarceration would not be psychologically constructive. BB

He says Pistorius's depression is severe and he is startled by the sound of gun shots - even if he has heard it on television.

Pistorius never wants to handle a firearm again and has sold all his guns.

Scholtz says he doesn't believe that Pistorius can testify at this stage, due to his state of mind, saying his spirit is broken.

At the same time he says the risk of future violence is low.

Pistorius expected to know his fate by the end of the week.

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