Update: Henri van Breda hands himself in after triple family murder

The 21-year-old handed himself in at the Stellenbosch Police Station this afternoon.

Slain van Breda family memorial service in Pretoria. Picture: Mia Lindeque/EWN.

CAPE TOWN - Henri van Breda, 21, has handed himself over to police in Stellenbosch in connection with the murders of three members of his family.

He handed himself in at the Stellenbosch Police Station earlier today.

This comes nearly 18 months after three members of the Van Breda family were axed to death in their home outside Stellenbosch.

Eyewitness News is in possession of a memo from Somerset College, circulated earlier today, which detailed the arrest of someone in connection with the case.

The letter encourages fellow learners to support Marli in this difficult time.

The teenager's been suffering retrograde amnesia since the attack.

The National Prosecuting Authority in the Western Cape has been scrutinising the murder docket for several months.

Martin van Breda, his wife Teresa and their eldest son Rudi, were found axed to death at their home in the luxury De Zalze Golf Estate almost 18 months ago.

The couple's two other children - daughter Marli and Henri survived the attack.

The police's Andre Traut said, "Our investigations on the three murders and an attempted murder which were perpetrated on the De Zalze Estate during January 2015 led to the arrest of a 21-year-old suspect this afternoon when he handed himself over to the police. The suspect is expected to make a court appearance in Stellenbosch tomorrow."

WATCH: Henri hands himself over to police.

Many of you will be aware by now that an arrest in the van Breda case has been made.

Advocate Louise Buikman (Marli's curator) has requested that all media enquiries are directed to her.

I assume this may be a challenging time for many people closely involved with the family.

I am particularly cognisant of how the Matrics may feel at this very crucial time in their final year.

If they need support of any kind, please let them feel free to approach the SDU or any of the staff for support.

You have all been so supportive of Marli and the College through this difficult period and I know that we will continue to work together as a united and thoughtful community going forward.

Please keep Marli and her family in your prayers and thoughts as she navigates the next stage of a challenging journey.

The Matrics have my support and I urge them to make me aware of any needs that may arise from this situation.

Yours sincerely

M M Fargher

Executive Head


Last year, Eyewitness News revealed details of the statement made by the police officer who arrived on the scene of the triple axe murder.

The account by the Criminal Intelligence Division (CID) official said Henri told officers, "the problem" was upstairs upon their arrival on scene.

The officer's statement said he noticed the half-open front door upon arrival at the Goske Street property after 7am.

A young man, presumed to be Henri, then exited the house covered in blood.

He directed police upstairs.

The bodies of two men were found in the main bedroom.

Two females are listed as lying in front of the bedroom door, presumably on the balcony.

The CID officer then realised the teenage daughter, Marli, was still alive.

An ambulance was contacted, but the statement does not identify the caller.

A neighbour's domestic worker told reporters she saw a young man, with blood covered arms, speaking on the phone.

It's not clear whether that call was the one mentioned in the officer's statement.