Chikane: Churches should speak out more against corruption

Reverend Frank Chikane was speaking at the commemoration of 40 years since the Soweto uprising.

FILE: Reverend Frank Chikane Picture: ‏@RevFChikane.

JOHANNESBURG - Reverend Frank Chikane says churches should be speaking out more against corruption in the country and many South Africans want to find closure following the injustices of the past.

Chikane, and hundreds from faith based organisations descended on Orlando Stadium yesterday, where the South African Council of Churches (SACC) commemorated 40 years since the killing of the 1976 Soweto uprising.

Part of the program included two controversial apartheid authorities, Colonel Jan Malan and Louis Gerber who were invited to speak at the event.

The day began with a march from the Madibane Secondary School in Soweto, symbolising the 1976 students who did not reach Orlando Stadium during the peaceful march on 16 June.

Reverend Chikane says South Africans from all backgrounds need to start talking to each other about the country's painful history.

"We are now bringing back the people of south Africa. The new South Africa cannot be a change of one against the other."

Malan says he regrets being part of a system that caused so much destruction and is committed to nation building and reconciliation.

Four candles were lit symbolising the 40th anniversary of the 16 June uprising.