SAHRC: Political killings a brutal reminder of SA’s tumultuous past

The commission says, 22 years into democracy it’s concerning that the violence is still happening.

Picture: Thomas Holder/EWN

JOHANNESBURG - The South African Human Rights Commission (SAHRC) says political killings are a brutal reminder of the country's tumultuous past and that 22 years into democracy it's concerning that the violence is still happening.

Incidents of this kind have been reported recently in Mpumalanga and KwaZulu-Natal as the country gears up for the local government elections.

The commission has welcomed the Police Department's announcement that a task team will investigate the crimes.

Commissioner Dan Titus has also called on political parties to exercise restraint and tolerance.

"We're very concerned about the political killings. It relates to the right to life that is sacrosanct in our country, in our Constitution and these killings are really coming as a major surprise to us. We're very concerned about it."


At the same time, Limpopo police are searching for a suspect who shot and wounded an Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) member in Polokwane while she was handing out flyers.

Police say there are conflicting reports, but it's understood that a man wearing African National Congress (ANC)

regalia approached the EFF member and shot her in the leg.

The police's Ntobeng Phala said, "As she was busy handing out those pamphlets, she was allegedly approached by a man wearing an ANC t-shirt. It is further alleged that an argument ensured between the two."

The EFF said the ANC must deal with political intolerance in the province.

Provincial Secretary Jossey Buthane has called on the red berets not to be provoked.

"As the EFF, we are calling on the ANC to strike peace and have political tolerance. They must not be irritated easily by organisations, in particular the EFF. They must allow democracy to play."