CT school denies kidnapping of two learners

The provincial education department confirmed two Rusthof Primary learners narrowly escaped abduction.

FILE: Picture: Barry Bateman/EWN.

CAPE TOWN - A Blue Downs high school has denied two of its learners were kidnapped this week.

The story's been doing the rounds on social media, following reports of an alleged attempted kidnapping syndicate operating near a Boland school last week.

Western Cape Education has stressed there is no 'child kidnapping syndicate' operating near Eerste River schools.

The department has quashed reports of three abductions and two attempted abductions at Forest Village Secondary this week.

Forest Village Secondary says their pupils are unharmed.

Principal Ruby Watson has urged parents to be punctual when collecting children after school.

"We just issued a statement today saying we have received reports of a white Quantum in the neighbouring Eerste River area but our children are absolutely safe. We have security at our gate and all our children are accounted for.

"In terms of any abductions - we've clearly sent out a letter stating that none of that has happened. We also ask parents to pick up their kids punctually."

The department has confirmed reports that two learners narrowly escaped abduction at Rusthof Primary in Strand last week.