Sactwu promises 'aggressive approach' in expanding export industry

Sactwu hosted a Clothing, Textile & Leather Imbizo where role players discussed ways to rejuvenate the sector.

Picture: Freeimages.

CAPE TOWN - The South African Clothing and Textile Workers Union (Sactwu) says it will take a more aggressive approach to expand the export industry.

Yesterday Sactwu hosted a Clothing, Textile and Leather Imbizo at the Cape Town International Convention Centre (CTICC).

Key role-players in the industry discussed ways to rejuvenate the sector and increase growth in exports.

Sactwu's Andre Kriel says, "We now begin to explore exports in a more concrete way. For example, they have to travel overseas to find sourcing opportunities for export abroad. It doesn't help to sit in a factory all day as if it's business as usual."

The union says it will be pushing local manufacturers to revise policies and agendas to grow the export industry.

Trade and Industry Minister Rob Davies participated in the imbizo.

He says leather and footwear exports have increased significantly in the last five years.

Davies his department has injected R3.5 billion in incentives for the sector, which includes the implementation a "fast-fashion" policy.

"A four week period between the arrival of an import and the placing of an order. This creates an opportunity to present a product more quickly to a retailer."