[LISTEN] The most common goods stolen from stores in SA

Matthew Dyball, MD of Lodge Security, talks about the most common stolen goods in South Africa at the moment and touches on shoplifting patterns his company has noticed.

CAPE TOWN - According to the latest study, shoplifting has seen sharp increase in South Africa, with a particular focus on baby food, which is among the list of highly stolen items.

Matthew Dyball, MD of Lodge Security, chatted to Cape Talk's John Maytham and says perpetrators tend to focus on smaller items that can be sold quickly.

He says people steal for different reasons, some because of the need to survive, while others do it as a form of business where they can sell the items on the streets.

He says some stores don't even put their stock, such as razors, on the shelf and if you want it, you have to ask for it.

But what are some of the most popular items and how do criminals decide to steal these?

Listen to the full interview above for more.

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