Muhammad Ali hailed for promoting self-love

‘Empire’ actor Terrence Howard says the athlete’s passing is an incredible loss.

Former World heavyweight boxing champion US Muhammad Ali delivers a press conference, on 19 November, 1974 in Paris. Picture: AFP.

JOHANNESBURG - American actor Terrence Howard says legendary boxer Muhammad Ali was the first person of his generation to use freedom of speech to spread a message of self-love to the world.

Ali died on 3 June at a hospital in phoenix Arizona after suffering from respiratory illness.

Howard played the role of Ali in the film 'King of the World' nearly 16 years ago.

He says the athlete's passing is an incredible loss.

"We're all made in God's image so why aren't we worshipping ourselves? That's what Ali told me 25 years ago so I thought it was a wonderful passing from him to have finished his course in this dimension and I can't wait to see how he will shake the heavens."


As people around the world continue to pay tribute to the late Ali, the public will be able to bid farewell to the boxing icon and civil rights activist.

From the Apollo Theatre banner in New York to the Hollywood Walk of Fame - Ali's life is being remembered.

A Muslim prayer service will take place on Thursday, at Freedom Hall in Louisville - the site of Ali's last fight in his home town.

A family spokesperson says his body will be driven through the city streets.

Former us president Bill Clinton, and comedian Billy Crystal, a long-time friend of Ali's is expected to deliver eulogies.