SA firefighters in Canada battle about 900km of fire

The South Africans are in Fort McMurray fighting the blaze in different teams.

A group of 300 South African firefighters work to uproot a tree as they mop-up hot spots in an area close to Anzac, outside of Fort McMurray, Alberta on June 2, 2016. The first convoys of weary, anxious residents returned to wildfire-ravaged Fort McMurray on Wednesday, a month after they were forced to flee the Canadian oil city due to the inferno. Picture: AFP.

JOHANNESBURG - More than 300 local firefighters who are battling wildfires in Canada have spent their first day in the field.

They say they are overwhelmed by the 900 kilometre blaze, which is still not under control.

The South Africans are in Fort McMurray, fighting the blaze in different teams alongside other firefighters across the country.

Thousands of evacuees have now returned to the town where they had to leave their belongings and flee the wildfire-ravaged city last month.

The South African team leader in Canada, Trevor Willson, says, "There's about 900 kilometres of control line in now and that's halfway. We've still got 900 kilometres, and more to go. It's basically from Bloemfontein to Cape Town, that's how long the fire run is, that's being done now and there's still about that much left to go."

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