eNCA starts consultations with employees over ‘doek’ policy

eNCA says it’s started talks following claims it canned a story because the reporter was wearing a headscarf.

Picture: eNCA Facebook page

JOHANNESBURG - eNCA says it's started consultations with its employees over its policy around the wearing of "doeks" following claims that the broadcaster canned a story because the reporter was wearing a headscarf.

An email sent by arts and entertainment reporter, Nontobeko Sibisi, was leaked on social media, and has since gone viral.

In the email she expresses her disappointment and calls the move to pull her story from air "unjustifiable".

News director, Mapi Mhlangu says they are reviewing the policy with its staff.

"The issue of a doek is merely a symptom for a larger call for change in contemporary South Africa. It is not an issue that could be resolved by quick tactical intervention."

But the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) has accused the broadcaster of being anti-black.

EFF spokesperson Mbuyiseni Ndlozi said, "It is an embarrassing admission from people who claim to be at the cutting edge of progressive values. But it took this act for them to review their policies. Why in the first place? eNCA was born after 1994."

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