[LISTEN] ANC receives just one written submission on state capture

Following allegations of state capture made against the Gupta family, African National Congress spokesperson Zizi Kodwa says it had expected more people to make written submissions on these claims. The party only received one submission.

JOHANNESBURG - African National Congress (ANC) spokesperson Zizi Kodwa says after the widespread of state capture allegations, the party expected several submissions from those making claims.

The Gupta family has been at the heart of these allegations, with many claiming they influence major decisions taken in the country because of their relations to President Jacob Zuma.

Yesterday, the ANC said eight people approached the party to make allegations of state capture after the ANC invited members with insight into the allegations to come forward; but only one written submission was handed in.

Kodwa says the party needed more concrete information on the matter in order to take the necessary steps in addressing it.

In the soundcloud above, Kodwa goes into detail on allegations the Guptas offered ministerial jobs, as well as allegations of state capture and more.

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