'Tony Ehrenreich would be no match for me'

Cape Town mayor Patricia de Lille says she’s not fazed by the ANC’s possible choice, Tony Ehrenreich.

FILE: Patricia de Lille. Picture: Aletta Harrison/EWN.

CAPE TOWN - Cape Town mayor Patricia de Lille says the African National Congress' Tony Ehrenreich would be no match for her if he is chosen as the ANC's mayoral candidate.

Speaking as the Cape Town Press Club, de Lille outlined her vision for next five years should she be re-elected in August.

If that happens, de Lille would become the first mayor to get a second term since the metro was established in 2000.

The Democratic Alliance (DA) mayoral candidate is confident her party will retain the City of Cape Town in the local government elections in August.

The ANC is yet to officially announce a mayoral candidate.

De Lille says she's not fazed by the party's previous choice.

"Tony Ehrenreich has, for the past five years in council, made the same speech over and over again. The ANC has never learned to become an effective opposition."

Ehrenreich has declined to reveal whether he will be the mayoral candidate, but he has responded by claiming de Lille is more popular among the rich than the poor.