DRC opposition leader leaves JHB after medical treatment

Moise Katumbi faces arrest if he returns to Kinshasa, on charges of recruiting mercenaries.

FILE: Screeengarb of Democratic Republic of congo opposition leader, Maise Katumbi.

PRETORIA - Democratic Republic of Congo opposition leader Moise Katumbi has left Johannesburg where he came for medical treatment last week.

Katumbi is now in London.

He faces arrest if he returns to Kinshasa on charges, which he strongly denies, of recruiting mercenaries.

Katumbi owns the football team Tout Puissant Mazembe.

He is hoping that all powerful label might apply to his aspirations to become president of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Elections are due before the end of the year when President Joseph Kabila reaches his constitutional term limit.

It's by no means certain that Kabila will stand down.

This has given rise to violent demonstrations.

The charges laid against Katumbi after he threw his hat in the ring would indicate Kabila is bent on staying around.