City of CT gets interdict against Sanco

Some members of Sanco are accused of damaging MyCiti bus infrastructure.

FILE: MyCiTi bus services have been suspended in Dunoon after two stations were vandalised in protests. Picture: Siyabonga Sesant/EWN.

CAPE TOWN - The City of Cape Town has confirmed that it's been granted an interdict against some members of the South African National Civic Organisation (Sanco) who are accused of damaging MyCiti bus infrastructure.

Stations in Dunoon, Phoenix and Usasaza were damaged during protests earlier this year and the city is pointing the finger at Sanco.

It says the bill for the repairs will go up to R1 million.

The city's Brett Herron says the respondents have been banned from coming within 300 meters of certain stations.

"Preventing members of Sanco from being there at MyCiti infrastructure and damaging it and disrupting service. The court clearly says no matter what Sanco's concerns or grievances are, they are not entitled to take the law into their own hands."