Petrol price to rise by 52c a litre, diesel by 76c

This is the second petrol price increase in a month as it rose by 12 cents a litre on 4 May.

Picture: EWN.

JOHANNESBURG - The Department of Energy has announced that the petrol price will increase by 52 cents a litre, while the price of diesel will increase by 76 cents from 1 June.

The price of paraffin will increase by 62 cents a litre.

The department's Robert Maake says, "The main reasons for these increases include the high crude oil prices, which led to high prices of petroleum products in the market and the depreciation of the rand against the US dollar during the period under review."

This is the second petrol price increase in the space of a month, as it went up by 12 cents per litre on 4 May.

Diesel went down by between one and two cents per litre, while illuminating paraffin decreased by nine cents per litre.