Madiba's beneficiaries receive payouts

Beneficiaries include schools in Qunu & Orlando West, along with University of Fort Hare & Wits.

Justice Dikgang Moseneke. Picture: Emily Corke/EWN.

JOHANNESBURG - Justice Dikgang Moseneke, an executor of Nelson Mandela's estate, says he set out to administer Madiba's final wishes transparently over a two-year journey, which has now culminated in cheques being handed over to some beneficiaries.

The former deputy chief justice and advocate George Bizos held a briefing at the Nelson Mandela Foundation earlier today.

Recipients include schools in Qunu and Orlando West, along with University of Fort Hare and Wits University, as well as Mandela's driver Michael Maponya.

Dikgang Moseneke says he is confident that the executors have done exactly what Madiba wanted.

He recounts the moment Mandela asked him to look after his estate.

"You can imagine your heart starts beating quite fast because it's such an enormous task to have a man of his level of sacrifice and commitment to ask you to perform a task."

Moseneke says they have complied with their statuary duties and have begun distributing funds, amounting to about R22 million.

"We are delighted to inform you all that no assets of the deceased have been sold in order to pay the bequests."

The former deputy chief justice says the executors will next transfer movable and immovable assets.