CT deploys 14 social workers to crime hotspots

The group signed pledges in which they commit to address crime and violence holistically.

FILE: Members of Cape Town's Gang and Drug Taskforce arrest a man caught with drugs in Manenberg. Picture: Thomas Holder/EWN

CAPE TOWN - The City of Cape Town's social development department has deployed more than a dozen new social workers to various crime hotspots.

Officials from community-based organisations, the police service and 14 social workers have signed a pledge committing to a new initiative which aims to address crime and violence in a more holistic way.

The social workers, who will be working in areas identified as crime hotspots, will try to tackle issues which drive people to live on the streets.

The City's Suzette Little says this initiative opens more opportunities for people in need in impoverished communities.

"By bringing in this group of social workers, we are opening more doors for resident in need. Tackling the repair of our social fabric is a thankless task because there are no instant results. But I am confident that the interventions that we have implemented will have the desired result in the years to come."