FIRST ON EWN: Swimming SA deputy president in hot water

Briane Reynolds is named as responsible in 10 of the 11 findings submitted in a financial investigation.

Picture: Swimming SA official Facebook.

CAPE TOWN - Swimming clubs that fall under the auspices of Western Province Aquatics have until today to respond to a preliminary financial investigation that casts a cloud over a handful of members of its executive, including the president for financial mismanagement.

The report, which is in EWN Sport 's possession, makes 11 findings that the executive didn't follow due process in terms of remuneration, contracts with suppliers, its auditing processes and the nature of a payment made to former Olympic gold medallist Penny Heyns.

There's no suggestion of any wrongdoing by Heyns, who confirmed to EWN that she had done one appearance for Western Province Swimming.

Western Province Aquatics president and Swimming South Africa deputy president, Briane Reynolds is named as responsible in 10 of the 11 findings submitted in the 'Financial Investigation' report distributed to clubs earlier this month. Two other members of the executive were also named in the findings. One is no longer in her position.

In one finding, it was deemed that Reynolds claimed expenses without authorisation during a trip to the World Championships in Barcelona in 2013. It recommends that he now pay this out of his own pocket.

Others include a change in accounting policy, Lotto payments not being reported properly and members of the executive council being paid without contracts in place.

A sponsorship agreement with a prominent swimming brand was allegedly withheld from the executive committee along with a fee from an unauthorised bank account made to Olympic champion Heyns for a clinic that she held.

Reynolds was not available to comment formally.

Swimming South Africa were yet to be informed of the investigation when contacted and subsequently weren't able to comment once they were made aware of the matter as they had to still to be told by Western Province Aquatics.

Reynolds also didn't respond when asked whether he had stepped down from his position earlier this week as a result of this investigation.

It's understood that he is scheduled to travel to the 2016 Rio Olympic Games in his capacity as a "technical official". A request to international body Fina to verify that, and who would pay for his trip, went unanswered.