Uitsig parents not convinced evacuating unfit school is best decision

An engineer's report declared the Uitsig school building structurally unfit earlier this week.

Picture: Thomas Holder/EWN.

CAPE TOWN - Some parents of learners at Uitsig Secondary School near Ravensmead say they are angered by a decision to abandon the building after it was declared structurally unsafe.

An engineer's report was handed to the Western Cape Education Department earlier this week, advising learners and staff to vacate the premises by the end of this week.

The department has arranged for the 235 learners, and their teachers, to be accommodated at the nearby Ravensmead High School Hall as an interim measure.

Chaos ensued at the school earlier today as parents and some learners demanded the department erect containers on the premises, while the school building gets demolished and rebuilt.

Parent, Sharon Koeberg, says she's livid.

"This school is Uitsig's legacy and if there is no school, there is no legacy in Uitsig. It's exam [time] and the children must move now; why must they move now."

The department's Paddy Attwell says officials will continue to work with the school.

"District officials are discussing the situation for all concerned; the schools will advise what extra resources they need to make sure the move takes place with the least possible disruption to the academic programme."