Elections: Parties to submit councillor candidate nominations

Political parties have until next Thursday to submit their nominations for candidates to be councillors.

Party representatives of South Africa's thirteen political parties represented in parliament gather to take a selfie after they signed their pledges to abide by the IEC's code of conduct during the 2016 local government elections. Picture: Reinart Toerien/EWN

JOHANNESBURG - Political parties have until next Thursday to submit their nominations for candidates to be councillors in this year's local government elections.

The Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) has published the electiontime table after Cooperative Governance Minister Des van Rooyen officially proclaimed the date of the election as 3 August.

The IEC says political parties have until 5pm next Thursday to send in their candidates for positions as ward, proportion representation and district council candidates.

Parties wanting to contest in councils will have to pay a deposit.

To contest a metro will cost R8,000, to contest a local council will cost R2,000 and to contest a district council will cost R1,000.

This means if a political party is going to contest all of the municipal councils, it will cost just under half a million rand.

But if just one candidate of that party is elected to a position in a particular council, the deposit paid to contest that council is refunded.

Meanwhile, the IEC also says it's going to allow candidates being nominated for positions in municipalities to be registered online for the first time in these local government elections.

The electoral body says this new system will be easier and quicker than forcing people to submit their names manually.

It also says that if a political party wants to contest all of the country's municipalities, it will have to pay a deposit of over R400,082.

People running as independent candidates in a ward will have to be a registered voter in that municipality and must submit a nomination form including the signatures of 50 registered voters from that ward.