UPDATE: Residents, police’s meeting restores calm in Hammanskraal

Two people were killed and several others injured in clashes which started two days ago.

FILE: Residents barricaded the main road leading into the Hammanskraal township and motorists were threatened amid protest violence on 24 May 2016. Picture: Vumani Mkhize/EWN.

HAMMANSKRAAL - The situation in Hammanskraal, north of Pretoria, is now calm following a meeting between residents and police at a local police station.

Residents in the area are protesting against what they say are illegal evictions.

The Tshwane metro police's Isaac Mahamba says police forces will remain deployed in the area overnight.

"We are worried about the people who are doing business in this area and about the kids that are going to school. Hence we are deploying our members to make sure that hey assist in those regards and stay here until we are sure that the situation is back to normal."

He says while he can't disclose the city's exact plans, evictions are expected to continue in the area.

Two security members were killed during clashes yesterday while five people have been arrested, four of whom face public violence charges.

The other suspect faces a charge of murder in connection with the death of one of the private security guards.

A woman who lost her home after it was demolished has slammed the Red Ants.

"They come here without telling us, so we don't feel sorry for them and we are still angry."

A man says they are forced to stand up for themselves.

"We are very sorry about yesterday's situation but we were forced to act like that. We are forced by the government of Tshwane and we won't allow that."

#Hammanskraal Residents here are picking up the pieces after their homes were destroyed during forced evictions. VM pic.twitter.com/1KsltqHgE4

The City of Tshwane says at least 16,000 people have been illegally occupying municipal land.

Residents have now left the police station to go rebuild their homes.