‘I act in the best interest of SA’

Shaun Abrahams says he will 'always do what is correct irrespective of the individual concerned’.

NPA chief Shaun Abrahams. Picture: Reinart Toerien/EWN

PRETORIA - National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) head Shaun Abrahams has dismissed criticism that he is acting in the interests of President Jacob Zuma, saying he acts in the best interests of the country and the Constitution.

Abrahams announced in Pretoria yesterday that the NPA was going to appeal the High Court ruling which set aside the 2009 decision to drop charges against the president.

The advocate says the decision undermines prosecutors' discretion on whether or not to proceed with a matter or not.

Abrahams says while he consulted widely, he did not consult with Zuma's legal team for before making the decision to appeal the spy tapes ruling.

"The legal team that represented the NPA during the argument of the matter was consulted by me only."

He says he is not guided by political considerations.

"I will always do what is correct irrespective of whether the individual concerned is an ordinary citizen, Cabinet minister or a sitting president."

The appeal application was filed in the High Court in Pretoria yesterday.

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Meanwhile, Democratic Alliance (DA) leader Mmusi Maimane says he will be fighting against the NPA's appeal.

"I've always maintained that Advocate Abrahams was deployed there to do Zuma's bidding. I am not surprised at all by the decision that he has taken to appeal the judgment. I think he wouldn't be surprised if I took a decision to say I would also be joining the application to make sure his appeal is unsuccessful."

The DA leader says Zuma must still get his day in court.

"We still believe that every South African must be equal under the law as Jacob Zuma is not unique to anyone of us. He must get what he has always wanted, his day in court."

Additional reporting by Masego Rahlaga.