Hammanskraal residents pick up the pieces after violent clashes

Tshwane police are preparing to monitor the situation Hammanskraal overnight after shacks were demolished.

Hammanskraal residents say they are still angry at being forcefully evicted from their homes yesterday. Two security officers died during violent protests in the area. Picture: Vumani Mkhize/EWN.

HAMMANSKRAAL - Tshwane police are preparing to monitor the situation Hammanskraal overnight, while residents in the area are attempting to find shelter for the night, after their shacks were demolished by the Red Ants.

Protests have been ongoing in the area for the past two days with residents refusing to leave the area.

Two private security guards were killed yesterday and several others injured during clashes with community members.

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Police Nyalas continue to patrol the streets.

A woman, who wishes to remain anonymous, says it's been a tumultuous day.

"We just see these Red Ants come here, and the police were shooting rubber bullets. Our furniture is broken, our shacks are broken. We can't do anything with this shack anymore."

Another resident says he believes proper processes were not followed to evict them.

"The municipality itself, and the African National Congress have failed us. We were here, we have a period of five months here and they never did anything with us - they never [gave] us a notice."

The city, meanwhile says evictions from the piece of land, allegedly belonging to a royal family of the community, are to go ahead.

It's understood no alternative accommodation is currently available.

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The Tshwane Metro Police Department (TMPD) maintains it is not acting unlawfully by removing shacks from a piece of land in the area.

The department's Isaac Mahamba maintains the municipality has received no physical proof from residents that they have been given the right to live on the land.

Meanwhile, residents say they're unsure of what their future holds.

Some have attempted to rebuild what's left of their homes to provide shelter.