Angry Hammanskraal residents remain defiant amid protests

Protests again erupted in the area today which saw two people being killed in violent clashes yesterday.

A bus was set alight and roads blocked in Hammanskraal following service delivery protests in the area. There were also reports of overnight violent demonstrations on 23 May 2016. Picture: Arrive Alive.

HAMMANSKRAAL - Angry informal settlers in Hammanskraal, north of Pretoria have vowed not to move from land, which municipal authorities say they have been living on illegally.

Protests again erupted in the area today, which saw two people being killed in violent clashes yesterday.

Residents deny they are illegally occupying the property.

One resident, Fortune Tabatha, says they are not going anywhere.

"The people in Extension 3 are here legally. They were told by the officials of the City that this place had been approved and this place had been budgeted for, that's why we were shocked when we saw people coming here shooting at us."

Roads leading to the township remain heavily blocked with the residents saying they are not going to move.

Residents insist they were told by their local councillor to occupy the land.

"People are not crazy. People can't come from nowhere and start occupying land without any valid reason. This place has been approved."

Residents are this afternoon picking up the pieces of their homes and rebuilding their shacks, which were destroyed during forced removals by the Red Ants.

The sound of hammers banging against metal were heard all around as residents tried to rebuild their homes.

One woman who lost her home and belongings says she's still angry by what unfolded yesterday.

It's not yet clear if evictions will continue today, but the city of Tshwane maintains that over 16,000 people are illegally occupying land.