500 SANDF members to be recalled after lengthy suspension

The members were suspended after a violent protest at the Union Buildings nearly 7 years ago.

SANDF members. Picture: Supplied.

PRETORIA - South African National Defence Force chief Solly Shoke has announced that the 500 members who have been suspended since 2009 will now be allowed to return to their units.

The members have been on special leave, on full salaries, since a violent protest at the Union Buildings nearly seven years ago.

Shoke says the main reason for the recall is the cost implications, but he has not ruled out the possibility of further disciplinary action.

"I consulted daily with my military command and legal advisors. We came to the conclusion that I recall the best individuals and I expect them to report to a venue at a time that will be determined by us."

The soldiers were accused of disobeying a command to return to base.