WC community pickets against alleged gun peddlers

Christiaan Prinsloo and Alan Raves appeared in court on numerous charges in including murder.

FILE: Former police officer Christiaan Prinsloo exists court. Picture: Siyabonga Sesant /EWN

CAPE TOWN - Members of the public have started a campaign against two men accused of selling stolen firearms to gangsters.

The Movement for the Emancipation, Reparation, Restoration, Restitution Aboriginal Southern Africa or (Moerrrasa) picketed outside the Bellville Magistrates Court today.

Former police officer Christiaan Prinsloo and firearms expert Alan Raves had appeared on charges of murder, attempted murder, corruption and racketeering.

Moerrrasa's Saldeelah Petersen says, "We have decided, as mothers and as a movement and servants of the community, that through the guns that Christiaan sold to our communities over 170,000 killings have taken place in our community and counting - we have decided to take a stand, this will not disappear."

Prinsloo, who has served 35 years in the South African Police Service, was arrested in connection with the discovery of 750 rounds of ammunition at his house.

The arrest is part of a wider investigation by a Western Cape task team that has been running for over a year.