Fort Hare management: We've resolved 90% of student demands

Students claim their grievances relating to financial aid haven’t been adequately addressed.

FILE: Fort Hare University students stand around burning rubbish used as a roadblock on campus during protests at the institution on 19 May 2016. Picture: Thomas Holder/EWN.

CAPE TOWN - Fort Hare University vice chancellor Mvuyo Tom says management has resolved about 90 percent of students' demands.

Violent protests erupted at the university's main campus earlier this week. Some students claim their grievances relating to financial aid haven't been adequately addressed.

Tom says management has done everything it can.

"We've almost sorted out everything in that petition in terms of the agreement in the meeting we had with the students on Wednesday. I want to stress that, because many people think it's because the government hasn't given us sufficient money.

"That's not the case, we've the money but it's in terms of administering it to make sure it reaches the students."

Meanwhile, the much-anticipated centenary celebrations at university are expected to go ahead despite threats from some students of disruptions.

About 400 officers and tactical response teams from surrounding towns have been deployed for the event later today.

Robert Sobukwe and Nelson Mandela are among the respected alumni of Fort Hare who will be honoured at today's event.

Organisers are putting the final touches to the event, to be staged at the institution's sports complex on the main campus where around 2,500 delegates will gather.

Despite sporadic clashes between protesting students and police, officials are confident the celebrations will go ahead as planned.

A second night of demonstrations resulted in police having to use stun grenades and tear gas after they were pelted with projectiles during running battles.

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