Spar gives its view on 'the pyjama saga'

The retail store says it cannot dictate what customers can and cannot wear when they're shopping.

A supposed Spar notice has gone viral on social media, sparking debate on whether or not PJs are an appropriate choice of clothing when popping into your local store. Picture: Facebook.

JOHANNESBURG - Grocery chain store Spar says it does not know how an alleged poster that prohibits customers from shopping in their pyjamas, made it on the walls of one of its stores.

It says the notice could belong to anyone.

The poster in question reads: "To avoid causing embarrassment to others, we ask that our customers are appropriately dressed when visiting the store."

It has been shared online over the past week and has received some funny and angry responses from the public.

Screengrab with reaction to an alleged ban on Pyjamas at Spar.

Spar insists it has no such policy and cannot dictate what people are allowed to wear.

The group Marketing Executive, Mike Prentice, says the poster should not be assumed as fact.

"In terms of group policy, you can wear whatever you want when shopping in a Spar store. We will never dictate what you can and cannot wear, within the bounds of decency obviously. And obviously each one of our stores would be entirely different. I mean, if you were a retailer on the Durban beach front it would be acceptable for someone to come in a swimming costume and slops."

Presenter Lucky from 947 's Greg and Lucky show conducted a social experiment of their own at a nearby store and found that some of the customers were, in fact, more perturbed, while management paid no mind to Lucky's attire.

LISTEN: Lucky visits a nearby Spar to test an alleged ban on pyjamas.