Alleged UCT rapist expected in court today

Patrick Hlomane was arrested for the alleged rape of several female UCT students near Rhodes Memorial.

FILE: Patrick Hlomane, also known as Mthunzi Makhamba, has been identified by police as a suspect wanted in connection with a rape at Rhodes Memorial. Picture: SAPS.

CAPE TOWN - A man who allegedly raped several women near Rhodes Memorial is appearing in court today.

Patrick Hlomane was arrested two months ago.

It's alleged he raped at least three University of Cape Town (UCT) students between November 2015 and March 2016.

Hlomane is not expected to apply for bail when he appears in the Wynberg Magistrates Court today.

A Cape Town police official, who investigates serial rape cases, has told Eyewitness News the accused's DNA can allegedly be positively linked to at least five rape cases.

He also claims the accused has almost a dozen identity documents, each with different names and surnames.

The official alleges the bogus identities helped the suspected rapist evade arrest for several months.


UCT students last week stripped to their underwear to highlight their concerns over rape culture on campus.

Dozens of students gathered outside the Bremner Building to discuss sexual assault and sexual harassment at the institution.

They accused university management of having a lack of concern about the issue.

Some students were in their underwear and held up posters reading: ' Justice for rape survivors', ' No is not yes' and 'Survivors, I believe you'.

The students said they are frustrated by university procedures put in place to deal with issues around rape culture.