#Vuwani: Some pupils turned away

While govt says it's done enough work to ensure pupils can return to school, some parents are uncertain.

Picture: Kgothatso Mogale/EWN.

VUWANI - With learning expected to resume in Vuwani today after a two-week shutdown some pupils and teachers say they fear being intimidated.

More than 20 schools were torched and vandalised with extra police now deployed to the area.

Residents don't want Vuwani to be incorporated into a new municipality.

Thousands of children have been left with no classrooms.

Several high profile meetings have been held in the community to ensure the situation returns to normal as soon as possible.

The Limpopo provincial government says it expected a slow start to the re-opening of schools today as the situation is still tense.

Most schools in Vuwani have seen just a handful of pupils show up.

A grade 9 pupil says she's disappointed that she won't be able to resume with class today.

"Eish, I feel bad because others will write exams and we will stay at home."

A man says there's still a lot of fear amongst residents.

"The teachers are still anxious and fear victimisation."

Some pupils have been sent back home because there are no teachers at school.

While the situation is calm, police are maintaining a high visibility.


Government says learning will resume this morning.

Four people, including a local councillor, are expected to appear in court this morning for their alleged involvement in the violence.

Limpopo government spokesperson Phuti Seloba says learning will resume even though some students don't have classrooms.

"We are not calling learners to come to school so we can assess the damage but we are calling on them to come and learn because it's not all the schools that are damaged beyond repair. There are local churches that will make sure that the facilities are being used."

Furthermore, Limpopo Education MEC Ishmael Kgetjepe says he hopes sanity will prevail today and community members will support efforts for learning to resume.

Kgetjepe says they will also make sure the security presence does not provoke the residents.

"We hope to strike a balance between providing security and ensuring educations runs normal. There will be balance and we have been dealing with deviant behaviour."

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While government says it's done enough work on the ground to ensure pupils can return to school today, some parents feel it's not yet safe to do so.

A man says government should resolve their grievances first.

"Some of the schools might be targeted because of these issues and I think the matter should be resolved before we think of schooling."

But a resident says he feels children have lost enough schooling time and should go back classrooms especially matriculants.

Pupils who attend school outside Vuwani could be seen already making their way to school as early as 6' o'clock this morning.

The Basic Education Department says mobile classrooms should be set up soon.